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Posted by k_celas on 2006.11.18 at 16:03
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Hai all!

Is this community still alive? o-O;

If so, then K-chan would like to say that she is relatively new to everything that is jMS, and is sososo lonely.

Buddiespl0x. ;_;

Off topic: Does anyone go on Gaia Online? xD

Billy Corgan
Posted by wutah on 2006.09.27 at 17:07
Ok, so I got the same error as the previous entry, however I don't think people saw it since no one responded. In that case, I'll repost.


install file error...

Posted by magicmitsuki on 2006.09.21 at 20:08
So... my computer never did allow me to redownload MS, was never able to get the last patch to work, I had to download it (last night) from a diff computer. Popped it on my computer, made sure my unicode and etc was set to Japanese like last time, deleted the old ms files (interestingly, I was unable to uninstall the old one because of this exact same error), double clicked for the new install and got this error:

file error screensCollapse )
Abort simply stops the install, Retry -obviously- doesn't work, and Ignore get's you what's behind the cut.

I tried the following already:

- restarting

- deleting the folder and contents mentioned in the error (it must have been part of the old install... how it's still seeing it is a mystery, as it is not there anymore), restart

- checked to see if files at mentioned error location had returned... they had not... double checking unicode settings, setting for all default accounts, restart

Anyone know what's going on with this?? I miss my maple story. :(

Thanks in advance.



Posted by ferretclaw on 2006.08.08 at 23:25
i don't mean to sound rude, but is there still a point to this community?


Whoops, almost forgot

Posted by smacksaw on 2006.07.28 at 22:09
I'm crossposting now with the main community to see how it works out.



New quests

Posted by smacksaw on 2006.07.27 at 12:24
Hey...favour to ask.

These new quests are awesome for the Maple items. All of the monsters are dropping stuff, and there is now the Maple Flag (several of them) and the Maple Sprout Helmets which are absolutely amazing. You'd be hard-pressed to find better helmets for any class under level 60.

So I wanna figure these out, pronto. I dunno how much I'll be able to play. Of course I am being dad all day today, and then the rest of my day may very well be slammed doing errands and the like.

If I figure it all out first, I'll go ahead with the info...but if any of you can translate the quests, or just something to get them started, maybe I can actually do them and report back and the translations comm can have some good prelim info and maybe dismembering or eveelicious or someone can do it properly.

Also, another one to tackle (and I am really exicted about) is the trade screen. For the most part I've figured it out, but another one of those nice diagrams in detail would be really cool, as well as an explanation of the sorting when you sort the columns. Ordinals in Japanese being different than ABC-ZYX or 123-321 etc. Of course searching works and all that.

Anywho, as I said before, these are time-limited, and there's a bunch of quests running out in the next 2-3 days anyway. If you haven't done the level 22 quest where you give 7 of adamantium, mithril and orihalcon each, I STRONGLY suggest you do it because you have a chance to win some "once in a lifetime" items like the heart wand. That one ends I believe on the 29th, which is the 28th for us.

I really want to play, and I want to buckle down and get some quests taken care of. So if you've got anything to add or contribute, it would be GREATLY appreciated.


Big update

Posted by smacksaw on 2006.07.25 at 19:48
In English and Japanese, behind the cut:

Read more...Collapse )

Wow...a NEXON point trading system. I wonder how that's gonna work.



Posted by smacksaw on 2006.07.22 at 10:40
I'm a Lightning Mage in Keyaki now, so if anyone needs some training, I can mob kill now so things will go faster.

I still haven't done any post-level 15 quests, either...and a lot of them are noobish XP for me now, but if the stuff to kill is stuff you need, we can go around the world and quest.

My main goal is to get my Lightning to 6 so I can kill Octopus with it.

default me

small hello

Posted by apsmitty on 2006.07.20 at 00:15
Hi, I'm new to the jMS community so I thought this was best:

My name is Andrew, I've had experience with maple story since about half way threw the gMS Beta test. *Tespia server* I have also tried MapleSEA to see the differences that were being included there. I'll also be jumping in on the EuroMaple Beta once that goes live.

I guess the main point is I've finally say down and got my self a jMS Nexon Account and a Maple Login Name. Seeing that a new faster server has opened up, I guessed it was finally time to see first hand how it felt to be the odd ball language out on a Maple Game.

I did take Japanese in Highschool and I may have passed the class, but after 6 years out of a class; I can't read a lick of Japanese in any form. So far I'll probably be playing alot of things by guess and ear and takeing alot of notes so I can cross check weapon stats and the like.

I also figured out how to charge NX Points via International Credit Cards and once I can get a feel for the cash shop, I'll be knee deep in looking a little more native to the game. *I do have a TON of questions conserning items both in cash shop and normal play*

Continue under the cut.Collapse )



Posted by ferretclaw on 2006.07.13 at 15:58
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so, uh, this new server is sure interesting. is anyone noticing how there are lots of warriors and archers? probably because they're easy characters to use to start off. i'm also noticing more mages than normal. people probably want a cleric, or something, to make some money off of? who knows. i made a bowman (going to be crossbowman). the last time i tried bowman was in tespia (my first character ever), so it's been a while. i was a very uninformed player back then, so thankfully i know what i'm doing now. :D anyone wanting to "noob it up" (as smacksaw puts it) feel free to add くさぃ to your friends list. :D that い is a small one (type xi in your IME).

also, can someone tell me what ROM means?? and i'm not talking about read-only memory. this is the second time someone has said to to me, and i can't figure it out. someone just invited me to party, said ちょっとROM, then didn't move. i didn't want to leech him, so i just left the party without saying anything. 外人っぽいですね。^^;

*edits* snowboard count: 5. i really hate this double drop crap...


Server update...almost forgot

Posted by smacksaw on 2006.07.12 at 08:23
In Japanese...

Behind the cut for your personal translation efforts if you likeCollapse )


New server...

Posted by smacksaw on 2006.07.12 at 00:42
I gotta say, I am really tempted to do the new world they're adding.

It's tough, because I have an awful lot invested in Kaede, but the possibilities of making a huge leap in a new world with 1.5x XP (and with an XP card, it would be 3.0x), 2x drop rate and bonus weapons for new chars.


Talk me into/out of this. Maybe I'll ask at the main comm as well.

APH: Where did all you people come from?

Aqua Road Inquiry

Posted by sunflowerraven on 2006.07.09 at 20:13
I just got my magician to f/p wizard today. Yatta~! That makes me happy. XD (I gotta update my icon) But anyway...

I put the first point into teleport, because I have never played a mage before and I find it rather amusing. I decided to loosely follow a guide, and since I want both Fire and Poison together, I was going to put two points into Fire and one point into Poison every level up.

However, I noticed that Krips drop my level 35 armor/staff. So...

My dilemma is, since I reallyreally wanna check out Aqua Road since I've never been there before, should I throw all my points into poison until 35 or so? Or go two poison and one fire? The main reason I'm asking this is because, while all the creatures in AR are weak to poison, I don't know what level of poison is actually affective to them.

Thanks for any help you have for me~!

Billy Corgan
Posted by wutah on 2006.07.02 at 09:03
Well I'm gonna start playing JMS more often.

In OMS, 90% of my guild and buddy list combined is out on summer vacation and I doubt I'll see them for the rest of summer. My cleric is getting dead boring, and I want to get my freaking spearman to lv 50 so I can use that sexy serpents tongue :(

So uh, if you're in kaede, I'll be removing everyone (except for ferret since he's already on it) from my buddy list.

Hopefully my guild will liven up though, in the 6 times I've logged in to see if anyone was alive, all I got was one guild member on once.

Oh right, my IGN is Aeons. :P


I found this thingy a few minutes into seeing how good fire boars are for exp at lv 44 (horrible btw).

I know its a wand, but what exactly does it add and stuff, and whats its price? :D
ImageCollapse )



Posted by smacksaw on 2006.06.30 at 19:44

Can we conquer Pachinko once and for all?

I've figured out it says something about right-clicking and left-clicking to change the power of the shot, but where do you do it?


Robot pet commands

Posted by smacksaw on 2006.06.29 at 16:50
So I got the Robot Book for the commands.

Anyone care to transcribe/translate this? I'm curious to try the HP thing.

Also, I finally got the Cheshire Cat quest started, but it wants a red WHAT? It just "has to have" a red ???

Figured it out...

Red ball of string. How cute.

Turning it in bumped Mr.Roboto from level 2 to level 5. That's a good quest for pet owners.


New stuff

Posted by smacksaw on 2006.06.29 at 05:09
Wow...that update was awesome.

The quests and rewards...oh, I am going to be CRUSHED if I don't get a Star Festival Mace.

That is like the greatest thing ever...and I have a LUKless Mage at level 20 who would really benefit from it.

This is gonna be a good summer. These guys are working hard. Those monsters are hilarious.



Posted by smacksaw on 2006.06.28 at 01:11
Dude, what the hell...a HP robot companion?
Patch 1.08

1. cash shop items

- sunflower

facial expressions
- ho~
- sayasaya
- atsuatsu

- robot

pet use
- battery (robot only)

2. game items

- tanabata (note: this is probably coinciding with the japanese tabanata festival)
- heart stick
- fishing rod

dorothy (yellow)

3. new quests
- sofia's medicine
- pipopa's CSI
- umii's new product development
- gurako and the candle
- tsuuri and the remote controlled airplane
- rock-paper-scissors quest (limited time: june 28 - july 26)
- sakura's tanabata legend (limited time: june 28 - july 26)
- surfboard quest (limited time: june 28 - august 31)

4. new maps
- pine forest of the dark night
- the town that disappeared off the map
- chance encounter with a large buddha statue

5. new monsters
- paper lantern ghost
- kappa (a water monster in japanese folklore)
- 珠蟲姫 (this could be anything. the first two kanji are uncommon. i checked an online translator and it's telling me that it's "princess tamatama" but i don't know. in order, each kanji means jewel/splash pattern/princess. take from it what you want.)

6. gashapon
- new items added to gashapon and pachinko.

7. double drop time changes

- was previously:
17:00 - 18:00
20:30 - 21:30

- changed to:
17:00 - 18:00
20:00 - 21:00

Japanese original text hereCollapse )

Thank you ferretclaw


I got paid yo

Posted by smacksaw on 2006.06.26 at 00:41
Nexon corrected the error...and was very polite about it as well.

I have my points. Thanks to all that helped!


When will I see you, again?

Posted by smacksaw on 2006.06.24 at 19:31
Hey, anyone see drops like this lately?

Click or pic, full-sizeCollapse )

These items are "out of range" as it were. Couple of things to catch up on: To get items with stats that are above (or below) the norm, you basically had to win the item from Gashopon machines. You could also use the Stimulator, but it would still be within the realm of what you'd get with the drop.

This shoe is above any known LUK for drops, and below any known DEF for drops...and this shoe was indeed a drop.

What I think is that since they changed the monster drops, they not only changed WHAT dropped...but WHAT drops in that it could have really wacky stats.

If you forgot, a few weeks back they reset all the monsters drops. So now, things that never dropped before are dropping from certain monsters, and monsters are dropping more level-specific stuff...IE a level 15 monster drops level 15 items. You don't hunt Green Mushrooms for Zeco or whatever anymore. So you can do a lot better starting out while hunting for items.

I've just noticed that what I get is usually far different statwise than what I'm used to seeing. Anyone heard/know anything about that? I'm almost certain I can say the stats of drops have become wider, almost as good as Gashopon purchases.

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