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JMS - Maplestory - メイプルストーリー

メイプルストーリー / Nexon

Maplestory Japan
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Hi! This community is for friends of JMS, the Japanese Maplestory Service!

Because JMS is not intended for non-Japanese use, this community is different than </a></b></a>maplestory, and if you're not familiar with the game, Japanese culture and the fact playing JMS is a gray area, you don't belong here.

People keep their info about JMS like a closely guarded secret for a reason. That's why this community is now friends-only. If you are already playing JMS, we would welcome you to join us and introduce yourself and help us all make new friends in Japan and worldwide. If you want to play JMS, and can communicate in Japanese, we'd also love to have you join us as well. If you are actually Japanese and somehow found this community on Livejournal, we would love you to join us!

Feel free to post whatever you like and express yourself however you want. Only you know what you have to contribute. Moderating posts is not a goal, but will be done if neccessary. Do not post illegal materials, or things that would offend children and their parents should they see it. Please use this as a resource to meet other gaijin Maplers, or to make new friends in Japan. Playing on JMS is a wonderful opportunity for a cultural and language exchange, and I hope those of you who choose to try JMS can use this as a resource to make friends and help each other.

Lastly, if you're a troublemaker, abusive and downright rude, please stick to other MS forums. Don't join the JMS or this community unless you are willing to humble yourself and behave like a guest whose acceptance is tenuous at best. If in doubt, don't.

This is a "no-drama" zone, meaning that if you are causing trouble, your posts will be moderated (deleted). Moderators have the final say on posts, and if your posts are deleted, that's all there is. There's no need to argue or complain, just let it go and try to do better next time.

Please email me smacksaw @ gmail.com and tell me why you'd like to join this community, your JMS info like name, level, etc. and your Livejournal info, and we'll all get started! If I determine you are suitable for the community, I will approve you. If I don't get the impression you have a strong connection to JMS or Japanese, I will not approve you. It's nothing personal. I only want people who are active JMS Maplers and are going to stick with the community and bring something to the table. If you're just curious about JMS, that's not good enough. There are other places that will tell you how to get started. Joining here tells me you are going to commit to playing JMS. I especially don't want people who will join here, and then leave once Global Maplestory implements the features JMS has.

Additionally, I would like people to try and follow a certain decorum. Mapletip has a JMS forum. There are a lot of people there asking very n00b questions and a lot of people giving very curt answers to said questions. That's fine for them, but it's not for us. If you can't be part of us, go over there. Once you learn what it takes for them to help you, you might know how to act so that we will help you. Also, it benefits you to join the main/original </a></b></a>maplestory community so that we can see who you are. It is a proving ground of sorts if you're on the bubble of being accepted. We want to know who you are, and if we can't figure it out by reading your LJ, it would help if we could see other activity.

I envision this as sort of a pseudo-guild/community. Our server is Kaede (かえで), and due to several reasons, I request that you play that as your primary server so that we can meet in-game and help each other with items and the like.

I reserve the right to modify this info at any time, and by joining this community you are agreeing to abide by the rules that I make which are solely at my discretion.

Sister community to:

Guild Affiliations: To come!

Community manager: </a></b></a>smacksaw


Gibbs Sauna: http://sauna.gibbed.us/
A Drop of Maple: http://maplestory.netgamers.jp/
日本的楓故事--メイプルストーリー総合情報サイト-- : http://www.water.sannet.ne.jp/harrys/maplestyle/ (Harry's May Pulling site)
JMS Download: http://maplestory.nexon.co.jp/download/download.asp